Breaking The Rules

This Week's Pick is the story of Angela Carter and her works on dissension. We learn about how her dissension from social realism originated from her overprotective mother who wouldn't even allow her to use the bathroom with the door closed and her first marriage which she described as 'burning-all-bridges-of-escape-except-one'. But what did she really … Continue reading Breaking The Rules


What does boredom do to you? 

What does boredom do to you? Do you feel lonely because you are bored? Or you are bored because you are lonely? Read more about boredom and mind-wandering and/or daydreaming in this week’s pick... Until next week...

?Feminism caused same-sex attraction

         It cannot be just a speculation that same-sex attraction evolved in our ancestors through female acts that undermine male sexual coercion. Feminism, subtle as its progression has been, still sounds revolutionary today just like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Darwin's contention that selection-based mate choices is different from natural selection, as females … Continue reading ?Feminism caused same-sex attraction